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Need more
structure and accountability?

DXL is an agile virtual facilitation platform, robust and flexible enough to stand in for any in-person gathering.

Struggling to get results from your remote team?

During this time of remote work, DXL helps you get the most out of your distance-challenged teams.

Itching for a breakthrough, or your next big idea?

Keep scrolling to see if DXL fits your needs!


Work with our expert facilitators to craft an experience that best suits your goals and needs. We provide white-glove service from beginning to end, covering every detail to ensure a smooth and productive experience.
Design an interactive session that draws out the best from your team. Brainstorm, ideate, plan, assign responsibilities, track progress, and more - each module is specifically designed to accomplish an outcome that drives progress.
Compile research, documents, ideas, tasks, and any other relevant content - all in one persistent and flexible online space. Reuse whatever is most effective: your DXL stays active to continue adding value after your session ends.


What kinds of meetings work in DXL?
Our teams can design a DXL to replace nearly any in-person gathering. Our success team co-creates a session to accomplish your goals, our designers develop compelling visuals that guide and delight attendees.
Small group sessions
Board meetings
Collaboration sessions
Award ceremonies
Large brainstorms
Client-facing meetings
Town halls
What can I expect from DXL?
First, our success team will get an understanding of goals and co-create the ideal session plan. Our team will design the online space and develop facilitation materials and exercises. 

We will review goals, expected outcomes and deliverables, and handle all of the pre-meeting communications and prep. 

Once designed, all you need to do is join the video conference! Anything created during the session will be packaged and distributed for continued use, and your virtual workspace will remain active for continued use.

How should I prepare my team?
There are two options for your DXL - an ACTIVE and a PASSIVE experience.

In the PASSIVE experience, users would just be invited to join a video conference call. As long as your team can join a video conference (Zoom, Skype, Teams, Hangout, etc), our facilitation team will handle everything from there!

In the ACTIVE experience, users will also be provided with a link to enter the collaboration space at some point during the session. We’ll send a “test room” space and instructions so your team can get familiar with the collaboration tool before we get started.

How do I get started?
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