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Collaborate on and solve your biggest challenges in one place.

NimbleStory is a collaborative visualization, organization and communication platform built to bring Human-Centered Design and Visual Communication into complex projects and programs.

Key Use Cases

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Ongoing digital transformation is necessary in every modern enterprise, yet it often has high costs and high failure rates. Successful transformation occurs when leaders can tell compelling stories about what needs to be done and how, aligning peers and employees on tactical efforts to gather user input and design intuitive digital experiences.

NimbleStory is the platform for accomplishing tactical tasks—from UX research to implementation prep—connecting them to the overarching strategic vision of the enterprise. This visibility and engagement cuts implementation timelines and costs, while increasing the likelihood of success.

Concept Explorer's interactive visual journey maps make the case for digital transformation from initial funding request to change management.

Collaborative UX research spaces ensure user input drives effective system design.

Iterative UI prototyping and feedback prepares developers for smooth implementation.

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Create journeys through an overarching visual narrative tailored to specific customer segments with Concept Explorer.

Design a customized sales portfolio of collateral including interactive visuals, videos, microsites, infographics, standard pitch documents and direct customer access to create unique sales experiences.

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Visualize Value for Your Customers

Some pictures may be worth a thousand words, but others are worth a million dollars. Stand out from a sea of slide decks by illustrating your value with NimbleStory's interactive visualizations. Make your sale by using NimbleStory for a high-stakes pitch, displays at live events, or letting your customers explore different facets of your value at their own pace. Tailor collections of pitch materials across different formats for specific customer segments to ensure your story resonates.

Drive Adoption of Your Strategy

Developing and implementing a strategy requires consistent and cohesive communication across audiences, formats and messages. NimbleStory is a one-stop shop for developing a strategic plan, bringing it to life across the organization and creating visual communication tools to show how initiatives and programs across the enterprise connect to the overall vision. NimbleStory enables you to create a common visual language that aligns change management, training and awareness efforts, or progress tracking, so everyone can see the part they play in turning strategy into reality.

Collaboratively create and visualize a strategy—from initial ideas and sketches to detailed maps.

Tailor access for specific groups to provide key documents or solicit feedback.

Host collaborative ideation or feedback sessions on NimbleStory, or create a repository of assets for distribution on other channels.

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Ideation & Iteration

Persistent digital workspaces provide a shared venue for brainstorming sessions or gathering feedback
Leverage existing human-centered design templates or create custom frameworks to foster discussion
Easily view, download and access past iterations of key assets

Content Organization & Management

Configure access and control of specific content across specific users and groups
Access standard file formats, clickable prototypes, digital workspaces and interactive visuals from a single portfolio
Quickly create highly visual portfolios of content for specific projects or audiences

Prototyping & Development

Move from initial ideas to clickable prototypes to fully interactive solutions in one spot
Use proprietary interactive visualization formats for data storytelling tools, dashboards or personalized journey maps
Easily embed other interactive experiences into portfolios or interactive visualizations

Modular & Flexible Architecture

Easily link together assets and collections, providing visibility and longevity to digital materials
Embed or create doorways to existing enterprise tools like data dashboards or employee portals
Turn visual infographics into interfaces for surfacing additional files, data or multimedia content
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Unleash the Creative Process with DesignTokens

Bring your strategy to life and tell compelling stories across different touchpoints with DesignTokens on NimbleStory. Tokens can be activated for expert Design, Strategy, UI/UX and Communication support from Throughline.

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